innoAura Joycon Joystick Replacement, 27 in 1 Repair Tool Kit with 2-Pack 3D Analog Stick, 2 Metal Buckles,3 Screwdrivers, Back Shell Kickstand, Pry Tools for Joycon/NS Switch/Switch Lite

innoAura 2-pack 3D Joycon Joystick Replacement, 27 in 1 Repair Tool Kit for NS Switch / Switch Lite / Joycon

A great repair kit for NS Switch- Compatible with left and right Joycon
Replace your broken, worn or damaged analog, bring your Joy-con controller back to life.
If the joystick drifts, use the NS setting to calibrate the joystick after installation. If it’s still drifting, please restart it in the calibration interface.

1. Do not mess different screws when they are installed back.
3. Please turn the screws precisely and carefully in case of grinding the screws.
4. Original housing screws are easy to be damaged, and new screws can be replaced if needed.
5. When disassembling the internal cable, pay attention to the switch status of the cable valve.
6. The battery has wire, avoid tearing wire during installation.
7. Although the repair is very simple, we recommend that you watch the full tutorial on YouTube before replacing it. If you feel that you can't do it, ask an experienced person for help.
8.Please note that we are not responsible for any damage to Switch caused by improper operation during the repair process.

Package Includes:
2 x Replacement Joystick for NS Joy-Con
1 x + 2.0 Screwdriver, 1 x Y 1.5 Screwdriver, 1 x Y 2.0 Screwdriver
2 x Lock Buckles, 2 x Springs
1 x Pry Tool, 1×Triangle paddle
1 x Tweezers
1 x Suction Cup
1 × Cleaning brush
1 × Back board
6 × Thumb stick caps
1 x Storage Box
6 x Replacement Screws (4 Y screws, 2 + screws)

【Complete Repair Kit】This 27PCS repair tool kit includes: 2 × 3D Joycon joystick replacement, 2 x Lock buckles, 2 × Springs, 1 × +2.0 Screwdriver, 1 × Y1.5 Screwdriver, 1 × Y2.0 Screwdriver; 1 × Tweezers, 1 × Pry tool, 1 × Triangle paddle, 1 × Suction cup; 1 × Cleaning brush, 4 × Replacement "Y" screws, 2 × Replacement "+" screws, 1 × Back board, 6 × Thumb stick caps, 1 × User Manual, 1 x Storage Box

【Upgraded 3D Joysticks】 New upgraded 3D anolog joysticks are compatible for NS Switch and Switch Lite and work for both Left and Right Joycon controllers. Just replace the broken, worn, out of control, insensitive and drift analog joystick analog, and bring your Joycon back to life

【Top Quality Screwdrivers】 This repair tool kit comes with 3 screwdrivers: 1 × +2.0 Screwdriver, 1 × Y1.5 Screwdriver, 1 × Y2.0 Screwdriver, which can perfectly match the screw model of the NS Switch and Switch Lite. Install and remove the screws accurately with no hassle. We also provide you with 6 spare screws, don’t worry about losing or damaging the screws

【Metal Lock Buckles】 Made of upgraded S2 steel metal, the lock buckle is wear-resistant and durable. It secures the metal rail to the controller and does not slip off when using the controller

【Easy to Use】Just follow the opration steps on the description page or wacth some Youtube videos, you can compelet the installation easily. If the joystick drifts after installation, you only need to calibrate the joystick by using the NS switch setting



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